понеделник, декември 24, 2012

Весела Коледа и Щастлива Нова година!

Well people look and people stare
Well I don't think that I even care
You work your life away and what do they give?
You're only killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live

Just take a look around you what do you see

Pain, suffering, and misery
It's not the way that the world was meant
It's a pity you don't understand
Killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live

I'm telling you

Believe in me
Nobody else will tell you
Open your eyes
And see the lies, oh yeah

Smoke it...

Get high!

You think I'm crazy and baby

I know that it's true
Before that you know it I think
That you'll go crazy too

I don't know if I'm up or down

Whether black is white or blue is brown
The colors of my life are all different somehow
Little boy blue's a big girl now

So you think it's me who's strange

But you've never had to make the change
Never give your trust away
You'll end up paying till your dying day

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